The Astrid Lindgren conference 2019

Astrid Lindgren was not only one of Sweden’s most prominent and world known authors. She was also a person with deep humanistic values and courage to fight for children’s rights, equality, non-violence and women’s rights. Throughout her life, she was constant in her reactions against injustice and oppression. The 2019 theme is ”Courage, Power and Compassion” – themes that Astrid Lindgren was strongly devoted to.

Pippi Longstocking, Astrid Lindgren’s most famous and loved character, celebrates 75 years in 2020. All over the world she stands as a symbol for freedom, girls’ strength and independence, children’s right to imagination and play, generosity and kindness. The first book about her was published in November 1945, in a world devastated by World War II and where humanity faced a disaster caused by mankind itself. Questions about courage, power and compassion were central, but they remain fatal questions for mankind today. Who has power and who are powerless? Why? Is power always corruptive or can you, like Pippi, combine empathy and civil courage with power? How do we teach our children the difficult art of managing power? How should we allocate power in the future and how should it be governed and controlled?

We believe that these questions are of utmost importance right now and in the coming years. Based on Pippi Longstocking, we want to discuss the concepts courage, power and compassion from different perspectives. Target groups are Nordic school leaders and teachers, politicians, media, publishers, and important influencers. The conference will take place in Stockholm on November 14, 2019 (Astrid Lindgren’s 112th birthday).

The conference will be held in both Swedish and English.